I've been lucky to work with a great variety of clients. Below is a sampling of sites I've worked on.

On each project, I work with clients to establish business needs and identify their target audience. Early on, I encourage discussion about information architecture to make sure that content is properly organized, the message is clear and concise, and navigation is simple and intuitive to the user. Working with a designer, I make sure the client's vision is realized in a visually appealing way. Finally, I develop the site in a timely manner and devise a plan for site maintenance and content updates to keep the site fresh and interesting.
17th Street BBQ
News and events from an Illinois BBQ restaurant chain.
PHP, WordPress, jQuery
October 2012
DC Bahá'í Tour 2012
Responsive web/mobile site with interactive maps for self-guided walking tour.
PHP, MySQL, jQuery
May 2012
Xfire Corporate
Corporate blog for a gamer technology company.
PHP, WordPress, jQuery
April 2012
Demand Response Town Meeting
Annual meeting for the business and policy aspects of demand response.
PHP, WordPress, jQuery
March 2012
Jaybridge Robotics
Robotics software.

(formerly Rep Invariant)
PHP, WordPress
November 2011
Laurel Eye Physicians
Ophthalmology practice in Laurel, Maryland.

Includes a custom CMS.
October 2011
Euro Café
National coffee distributor for Euro Market and Hudson Group.
June 2011
UI for "Online Community" section and other applications on
December 2010
Justin Ross
Campaign site for a Maryland Delegate in District 22.

Site includes a custom CMS and HTML e-mail template.
July 2010
Victor Ramirez
Campaign site for a Maryland Delegate in District 47.

Site includes a custom CMS and HTML e-mail template.
May 2010
Ben Barnes
Campaign site for a Maryland Delegate in District 21.

Site includes a custom CMS and HTML e-mail template.
May 2010
Mel Franklin
Campaign site for a Maryland candidate for County Council in District 9.

Includes a custom CMS and HTML e-mail template.
December 2009
Golden Monkey Publishing
Publisher of children's books.

The author wanted a site where he could show sample illustrations from his book and sell them with an online shopping cart.
PHP, E-junkie shopping cart
December 2009
Y&S Marine
Oil & gas fleet services.
August 2009
Rep Invariant
Robotics software.
July 2009
Justin Ross
Maryland Delegate in District 22.

Site includes a custom CMS and HTML e-mail template.
December 2008 Style Guide
Style guide for redesign.
November 2008
National Ethanol Conference
Annual conference for Renewable Fuels Association.
PHP, MySQL, Contribute
October 2008
Congregation Shir Shalom
Reform synagogue in Sonoma, California.

Site includes an event calendar and a custom CMS.
September 2008
Public Religion Research
A religion and public policy research firm.
PHP, MySQL, Joomla
September 2008
A corporate and special events management service.

Site inludes a matching HTML e-mail template.
August 2008
UI for "Online Community" section.
July 2008
National Get Outdoors Day
An annual outdoor activity event.

Site includes a custom CMS and log-in functionality for all participating hosts so that they can add location-specific information and upload photos from their events.
May 2008
Visual Sciences
Web analytics software company. They have been acquired by Adobe.
July 2007
Krisam Summit 2007
Executive summit in Cancun, Mexico.
June 2007
Honest Tea
A bottled organic tea company based in Bethesda, Maryland.
June 2007
Renewable Fuels Association
Public policy group for the use of ethanol as a consumer fuel.

Site includes a back-end document management system.
June 2007
Pappas Group
Helped build a back-end project management system, including user accounts, timesheets, calendar functions, file sharing, and a client extranet.
May 2007
Adfero Group - Trash Your CMS!
Mini-site for public affairs firm.
April 2007
Future Weapons
Discovery Channel television program about the future of weaponry. Included a downloadable Yahoo Widget.
March 2007
Entrepreneurial consultants.
January 2007
Renewable Fuels Foundation
Public policy group for the use of ethanol as a consumer fuel.
PHP, Contribute
January 2007
Adfero Group
A Washington, DC-based public affairs firm.
December 2006
Discovery Atlas
A DVD-ROM exploring the benefits of Discovery Atlas and United Streaming.
November 2006
Euro Market/Cafe
Coffee and sandwich shop in Arlington, Virginia.

Site includes full online menu and ordering system. I also took the photos used on the home page.
October 2006
Discovery Educator Network
A mini-site to show the benefits of becoming a Discovery Education Star Member.
September 2006
Developers of optical character recognition software.
August 2006
Developers of intelligent video software.
May 2006
A company which produces lentiviral vectors. Site includes a vector construction tool and secure ordering.
May 2006
Trusted Edge
Document management software company. They have been acquired by FileTek.
April 2006
Kodiak Finance
Alaskan-owned finance company.
February 2006
Capital venture and investment group.
April 2005
Service-oriented architecture software company.
April 2005
Insurance for employees travelling abroad.
April 2005
Ruesch International
Financial services company. They have been acquired by Travelex.
April 2005
Lone Star Bone & Joint Clinic
Orthopedic clinic in Houston, Texas. Includes patient forms for submission to the office.
January 2005
Jimco Collision Center
Autobody shop in Buford, Georgia. No longer in business.
January 2005
Clients include:
AARP Euro Café Lentigen
Congregation Shir Shalom Golden Monkey Publishing National Get Outdoors Day
Discovery Channel Honest Tea Renewable Fuels Association
Discovery Education Jaybridge Robotics Y&S Marine

Personal Projects

When I find a need for a site that doesn't exist, or if I need a tool to do grunt-work for me, I'll build it. Here are some personal projects I've worked on over the years.
An attempt to clearly and objectively present the opinions of each presidential candidate on the issues so that people can more confidently choose the candidate who best represents them.
PHP, MySQL, jQuery
January 2012
Trajectory Toy
To settle a debate with a friend about how softballs fly in different weather conditions, I created a web interface for published formulas on baseball physics. I got to learn all about differential mathematics.
PHP, jQuery
October 2011
A site that catalogs the fans who have caught the most famous home run balls in Major League Baseball history.
PHP, MySQL, jQuery
July 2011
Shankapotomus Pool
Golf survivor pool.
PHP, MySQL, jQuery
March 2011
Compton Crips
A site dedicated to the team that I run in a baseball simulation league.
March 2011
MLB Betting Tool
I use a CURL-based analytical tool to download odds, track statistics, and make recommendations for low-stakes baseball betting.

I'm not sure if it's in my best interest to post this online just yet.
June 2010
Polar Bear DC
Social networking hub for display at a party. SMS messages, Tweets, and photos sent to the site are projected on-screen.
February 2010
The Loveline Tapes
A community effort to collect, organize, and share recordings of old Loveline radio shows.

Features include a jQuery MP3 player, call indexing, message boards, and search functionality.
PHP, MySQL, jQuery, RSS
October 2009
Divvy It Up!
After growing tired of the complicated math involved in sharing costs when traveling with friends, I decided to make a tool to do the math for you. On the site, you can add events, friends, and costs, and it will tell you who owes money to each person in the end.

Now, it's a site where people can split costs for travel, rent, or anything.
August 2009
Jeff Nyveen Photography
My personal photography site.
PHP, MySQL, flickr API
May 2009
There weren't any good, free web sites for managing the schedule and statistics for recreational baseball and softball teams, so I made this.

Team managers can keep player rosters, post schedules, send game invites, and keep team statistics.
PHP, MySQL, jQuery
April 2009
No Regrets!
I combined my love of travel with my passion for photography in this WordPress implementation.
PHP, MySQL, WordPress
September 2008
Stock-Picking Tool
As a technical investor, I use another CURL-based analytical tool to track stocks and make recommendations for investing on the stock market.

I'm not sure if it's in my best interest to post this online just yet.
DMB Analysis Tool
I play in a historical fantasy baseball league using Diamond Mind Baseball simulation software. To do the research necessary to be successful, I built an analytical engine to help me crunch the numbers, by far the most complicated web application I have ever built.

To maintain a competitive advantage, I've decided against posting this tool online.
PHP, MySQL, jQuery
jeff nyveen
My personal site. Lots of embarrassing stuff on there.
August 2003
Manny Ramirez Online
A fan site for my favorite player (at the time).

Taken offline for legal reasons. There's a good story here that I'm not allowed to tell.


Most of my sites feature a PHP/MySQL back-end and a jQuery front-end, but I have dabbled in other languages for various projects.
Pluck (social networking platform)
Subversion (version control)
Flickr API
Twitter API
Classic ASP
Constant Contact (e-mail marketing)
MailChimp (e-mail marketing)
Joomla (content management system)
Prototype (Javascript framework)
Scriptaculous (Javascript libraries)
GSA (Google Search Appliance)
Ensighten (Javascript management tool)
Trailblazer (marketing for political campaigns)

About Me

me What started out as a hobby became a full-time career in 2004.

I believe in making useful, well-organized, fast, and beautiful web sites through proper information architecture, creative design, and elegant code.

Years of experience with a variety of clients has taught me many important lessons, the most important of which is to do what's best for your users. Ultimately, that's what's best for your business.
On design:
I don't have the creative brain to produce a design from scratch, but I have the analytical brain and critical eye to identify good design when I see it. Instead of hacking something together myself, it's best when I work with freelance design experts or teams. My expertise is the implementation.
On links:
More is not better. Site content should be properly organized, and well-placed links should clearly direct users through this organized content. Duplicating links annoys and confuses users more than it encourages traffic to a specific location on your site. Can you imagine a library with 48 signs pointing to the Fiction section?
On music:
No. How rude is it for a web site to assume that I am not already listening to music or having a conversation or doing something else with my ears at that moment? The only time I should hear music or sound effects from a web site is when I ask for them.
On Flash:
I'm OK with little pizzazz, but when Flash pieces take over your page and make viewing content or navigation difficult, it ruins the user experience. Then there are the bookmarking, traffic analysis, and SEO complications of Flash-driven web sites. Good news is that Apple seems to have killed Flash, so maybe there will be finally be some open standards for everyone.
On advertising:
Keep it tasteful. When ads become an obstruction to site content, they ruin the user experience and potentially reduce revenue by annoying users enough for them not to come back. See Flash above.
On pop-ups:
No. Who likes them? The only time I should see a pop-up or overlay is when I've asked for it and it will do something useful for me.
On content:
Users should know who you are and what you do in five seconds. Bulleted text should be short enough to read in a single breath. "E-mail" and "web site" should always be spelled the same way, "click here" is not a good link, and a serial comma should always precede the "and" or "or" when items are listed (like in this sentence). Consistency is paramount.
On collaboration:
I enjoy working with expert graphic designers, developers, and IT folks to deliver the most beautiful and functional web sites.
On other talents:
Photography. I have used some of my product and event photography on various client projects. Travel. I get around. Telling stories. I've got some good ones.